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7 Super Easy, Everyday Hairstyles For The Mom On The Go

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I don’t know about you, but I got pretty tired of feeling like the “mom-bun” was the only hairstyle that worked. I had decently long hair and having it down wasn’t a great option since it got in the way. Not to mention that it was so much more real estate for the baby to grab. So I cut it. Which made wearing it down so much easier. Some of these hairstyles are more suited to shorter hair, but definitely doable for longer hair. They can also work for anyone who doesn’t know what to do with their hair or have the patience for detailed hairstyles. These are quick and easy hairstyles, since that’s how I have to roll these days with baby.

What You’ll Need:

You probably have all of these already, but you can get them from the dollar store if you don’t, or get a ridiculous amount from Amazon if you like to buy in multiples. 🙂

  • Hair elastic (you could do all of these with an elastic, it just won’t be quite as easy)
  • Small claw hairclip
  • Medium-large to large claw hairclip (depends on hair length and thickness)

1. Hair Down

Bear with me on this one. I’ve included it because, like I mentioned above, once I cut my hair I found myself wearing it down way more often. Since it’s one of my favourite hairstyles (you literally do nothing), I thought it should at least get a mention.

2. Mom Bun

Well I couldn’t not include it since it is super easy and versatile. I was tired of it being my ONLY option, but I still rock it all the time. You can have a high bun for those days where you need to have your hair pulled back nice and tight so you feel like something is put together in your life. Or you can have it right in the middle of your head or switch it up and make it low. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even do two buns on the top of your head. I haven’t quite mastered getting them to look even yet though. 🙁

3. Half-up Mom Bun

I absolutely love this one. You get the cute little messy bun and your hair pulled away from your face, but then you have some of your hair down flowing free. It’s kind of like a stylish mullet: Business in the front, party in the back. You can have this up super high as well or more in the middle of your head, whatever you’re feeling that day.

4. Half up with Hairclip

This one is almost as good as hair down because it only has one step to do. You pull all your hair back to the top of your head and clip it! I often do this one directly out of the shower when I don’t want my hair in my face, but also don’t want it to dry with a hair elastic in it.

5. Bun with Hairclip

I do this one for the same reason as #3: No hair elastic when my hair is wet so I don’t get that funny wave in my hair. If I wear this long enough with wet hair, it even gives me some volume and curl! It’s also super easy (kinda the point, right!).

Take your hair like you’re putting it in a pony tail and then twirl it. As you twirl it, wrap it around itself to make a bun. Take your medium-large clip and clip the end of the hair, making sure to get the bottom part of the clip holding onto the hair close to your scalp. That last step is important to the bun staying on your head. For longer hair, use a bigger clip!

I also love how easy it is to take this out. No messing around with a hair elastic pulling through your hair and tangling. You just unclip the bun and your hair is free!

6. Side-Part Hairclip

This one is similar to #4 but is a little trickier to just pull back and make it look nice. I don’t do this one as often for that purpose, but it’s nice for a bit of a dressier look. I’ll often do this hairstyle after I’ve curled it when I’m getting fancy (which is almost never now, #amiright).

7. Pony Tail

Well this one is pretty self explanatory. It adds variety to the hairstyles and some chicks look super cute with a ponytail. I don’t love the look on me, but definitely use it from time to time. It’s great for exercise as it keeps the hair completely out of your face and is less likely to loosen up with activity. You can wear this high or low. A variation to this would be to seperate the pony tail into two sections and twist until the end. Put an elastic at the end like a braid and it’s a fancier ponytail.

Hopefully at least ONE of these was useful for you! If not, sorry I couldn’t help! If you want to see some more styles, let me know in the comments.

Go out in style, mamas!

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  • Naomi

    A sleek pulled back low pony or bun. I put my hair in this a lot if I am needing it to be quickly pulled back and need it to look good and simple

    • Rachel

      Oh, yes! Those are good. That grease from being unwashed for days makes the “sleek” part easy to achieve! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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