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Why it’s None of Your Damn Business What I Feed My Child

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Let me repeat that. It is NONE of your damn business what I feed MY child.

*****WARNING: The language is bad. I am pretty heated about this topic. So if you don’t like f-bombs, you probably will be offended by this post. 🙂 *****

I’ve been wanting to write a #fedisbest post for a while now, but didn’t want it to be “just another one.” This is such an important and talked-about topic, and I wanted to add something to the conversation, not just reiterate what’s already been said. Although, some of that is important too.

Why It's None of Your Damn Business What I Feed My Baby | |
It’s none of your damn business what I feed my child.

Breastfeeding vs. formula feeding is such a touchy and JUDGY subject and it SHOULD NOT BE. 


Science can tell us that breast is best. Doctors can tell us that breast is best. People can tell us that breast is best.

So. Freaking. What.

Oh. My. God. So. Freaking. What.

When has “what is best” ever directed what we do?

Example 1 Why Feeding Your Baby is Your Business

Driving cars is NOT “what is best” for the environment. And yet we still do it.

Conversations do not go like this:

Person: “So, are you driving or walking (biking or whatever economical option)”
Me: “We drive.”
Person: “But you know that walking (biking or whatever economical option) is best, right?”
Me: “Yes.” 🙂 …until this stretches into a manic grin.

Example 2 Why What You Feed Your Baby Is No Else’s Business

Eating processed food is NOT what is best for OUR bodies. And yet we still do it.

Conversations do not go like this:

Person: “Soooo, what are you eating these days?”
Me: “Oh, I go out for fast food every once in a while. Sometimes I have chocolate for dinner.”
Person: “But you know fruits and veggies are best, right?”
Me: “Yeeees.”

Tubby Todd

Example 3 Why It’s No One’s Damn Business What You Feed Your Baby

Living a non-active lifestyle is NOT what is best for our bodies. And yet we still manage to do it.

Conversations do not go like this: 

Person: “So, how is exercise going for you?”
Me: “Oh, you know, I try to squeeze it in now and then, but I don’t exercise most days.”
Person: “But you KNOW exercising is best, right?”
Me: *Manic grin*

Not Your Typical Fed is Best Post | |

Maybe they have a point, buuuut…

Sure, walking instead of driving is best for the planet. Eating healthy is best for you. Exercising is best for you. 

Here are a few reasons why none of that matters

  1. It’s not really anyone’s damn business whether you do those things or not. 
  2. It’s not really anyone’s damn right to judge whether you do any of those things or not (except for maaaaybe the driving, but that’s a whole other topic).
  4. Feeding your baby is what is best for you AND your baby.
  5. Fuck right off you damn judgmental pricks.

We usually don’t have any of the conversations I’ve described above. It would be considered rude to ask someone about their lifestyle and then judge or shame them like that.

So, why. THE FUCK. Do we think it is okay to tell mamas that breast is best when it comes to feeding their baby. THEIR baby. Not anyone else’s. Therefore, it is no one’s damn business what you feed YOUR baby. 


It not only can be hurtful to mamas who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed, but it comes at a time when women are at their most vulnerable. If it’s your first child, you are just trying to stay awake while also keeping a tiny human alive, let alone try to figure out what to feed them. If it’s a second or third or fourth, you’re just trying to stay awake while trying to keep a tiny human alive, while also trying to keep other tiny humans alive and happy.

So, anyone who wants to tell you that breast is best can fuck right off. Because it is none of their damn business. And if their excuse is that they are just trying to help, they can still fuck right off. Because they can do your dishes or clean your house or do your laundry if they want to help. That would actually be helpful. 

Why a Fed + Healthy Baby Is Best | |

Support, mamas, support!

Mamas, let’s support one another. Even if you believe that breast is best, it doesn’t really fucking matter. You can believe that and still support someone who is formula feeding. 

And if you aren’t a parent, you can really, extra-fuck right off, because you have. NO. IDEA. What its like to be sleep deprived, time deprived and functioning on empty while also trying to keep a tiny human (or multiple tiny humans) alive and happy. 

Let me reiterate.

We do tons of things every day that aren’t “what is best” for ourselves because we’re all just trying to survive and get through the day. Let us mamas (and everyone, really!) do the same without judgement. Just support us. A fed, healthy baby is what is best. Period.

Have you ever had someone judge you because of what you’re feeding your baby? Drop me a comment or an email and let me know. And share this so people can know to shut the hell up about your choices.

If you’re looking for support for your feeding choice, go check out my post with my favourite links to websites with info and support for feeding your baby.

Here’s to no judgement, just support.

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