2 Easy Ways To Increase Your Supply When Breastfeeding
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2 Easy Ways To Increase Your Supply When Breastfeeding

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I thought that if I was always breastfeeding, that I would never have to increase my milk supply. But, I found out that this was not necessarily true, and that I could have a dip in supply.

As many (if not all) of you know, once a baby hits a certain age, they become VERY active. E was active in my belly and never stopped moving once she popped out. So, she’s always been an active eater. But when she hit 6 or 7 months (maybe sooner, I can’t remember stuff anymore), she would be wiggling and rolling and popping off while eating. She often would eat for 2 seconds and then need to #gogogo again.

2 Ways to Increase Your Supply When Breastfeeding | momsgettingcoffee.ca

We had introduced solids around the same time and she was eating A LOT of food. So, I thought her not nursing for very long was just because she was busy and eating more regular food, but then I read that it could be low supply issues. AND that it could be contributing to her WAKING UP at night. 

I was all “hell to the no, I will be fixing that right quick.“

Here’s what I used to help increase my supply:

Earth Mama Organics Organic Milkmaid Tea Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk

Milkmaid Tea (Or Mother’s Milk. I have not used this one, but have heard great things. It’s also cheaper.) The Milkmaid Tea does have a strange licorice-y flavour, but I quite enjoy it. For some it takes a bit to get used to–or you hate it or love it. But if it works, who cares really! I also noticed that my armpits would emit the same odor as the tea for the rest of the day. Weirded me right out at first, but then I got used to it.

Booby Boons – I’ve tried the Chocolate Chip and the Cocoa Quinoa and really enjoyed both flavours.

That’s it. 

I usually would have the tea in the morning and 1 cookie in the afternoon or evening. Eventually, I would just have one or the other most days and, then just whenever I felt that my milk had a drop. Now, I’ll sometimes have a cookie or tea just because. When I first started taking the tea and cookies, I had both at the same time and got engorged! So start slow (unless you KNOW you have a really low supply) and add in as needed.

Use These 2 Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply | momsgettingcoffee.ca

I noticed E slept better once I started using the tea and cookies. I assume it was because she was getting more milk and wasn’t as hungry at night. Regardless of what it was, I was happy.

Everyone is different and this may not work for you the same way it did for me. I never had issues before this so I wasn’t bringing it up from super low or nothing. I don’t think having either of these would hurt at all, but it’s always good to check with your doctor to make sure!

Get the milk flowing and that baby sleeping!

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2 Surfire Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply | momsgettingcoffee.ca

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