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The Top 10 Websites For Support For Feeding Your Baby

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Whether you breastfeed, formula feed, pump or some combo of these three, it is important to have support for feeding your baby. Any one of these types of feeding will have its challenges, and having advice and tips to overcome these obstacles will make your life so much easier. In addition to the sites included below, you can check out my article How to Have Quick Healthy Meals When Bringing Baby Home (includes a free meal list), for ideas for eating when you’re stuck to your baby. Here are the best websites for breastfeeding, formula feeding and pumping support.

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Top 3 Websites for Breastfeeding Support

In my meandering around the internet when I first started breastfeeding, I found a few websites that I found really useful. They gave advice, pointed out tips and outlined what was normal while breastfeeding. Here are my top 3 sites for breastfeeding info.

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Kelly Mom

I liked Kelly Mom for its overall information both for breastfeeding and parenting in general. It is a very comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website.

Beautiful Breastfeeding

I found this website through Pinky Mckay’s book Sleeping Like a Baby, a book I highly recommend. Pinky is a lactation consultant so has relevant information, and I found her to be very helpful with her advice. There were so many times when I felt I was doing something wrong, but after reading her articles and book, I was reassured I was doing what was right for my baby. She is a very strong advocate for breastfeeding though, so just remember that if you read anything by her.

Le Leche League Canada (LLLC) or Le Leche League International (LLLI)

I included this one not only for its breastfeeding resources, but also because the Le Leche League has support groups all over the world. There is likely one near you. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, I highly recommend finding your local group and attending. Reading about breastfeeding is certainly helpful, but there is nothing like having experts in breastfeeding helping you face to face. Or face to breast, I guess. 🙂

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Top 4 Websites for Formula Feeding Support

If you’re a formula feeding mama, you probably aren’t suprised that I had a hard time finding websites dedicated to formula feeding. There are lots of articles about the best ways to do it, but not a ton of sites solely focused on formula feeding. Here are the best 3 I managed to find. I included a couple of great articles I found along the way.





Fearless Formula Feeder

It doesn’t look like this site is posted to regularly anymore, but it still has a lot of good information. I really liked the stories on there from other moms who went through the struggle of deciding to formula feed. If you get nothing else from this site, it will at least provide support from other moms. There is also information about formula intolerance and sensitivity. To make navigating the site a bit easier, there is a “start here” section on the right side, a little ways down. Click on the dropdown menu and it will list all the topics.

Don’t Judge Just Feed

This site is great for its focus on removing the stigma around formula feeding as well as its support for the emotions that can come with deciding to formula feed. If you’re looking for a place to feel good about formula feeding, it’s here. They even have some “bottle positive” artwork and poetry, which is cool. This site is more for finding support and positivity for formula feeding then actual resources and tips on the feeding itself.

Baby Center and What to Expect

Both of these sites are a wealth of information for guiding you through formula feeding. They provide articles about bottles to use, which formula is best for you, best practices when making formula, how much to feed your baby and more.

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Top 3 Pumping Websites

These were also a bit trickier to find, but almost all of the breastfeeding sites had a section that talked about pumping. This is all well and good, but having a site that is solely dedicated to a topic means that there is way more information available, and hopefully there will be some stories from moms for the readers to relate to. I only found one website that was exclusive to pumping, but the other two focused on it quite a bit as well.


Exclusive Pumping

This site says it has all of the information you need to pump exclusively, gathered in one spot. It certainly looked that way too! It has pumping schedules based on baby’s age, info about pumps and other pumping gear, milk supply, how to make pumping easier, and so much more. Definitely check this site out if you’re pumping exclusively. It’s also great for pumping tips in general.

Living With a Low Milk Supply

This site is more of a combo breastfeeding/pumping site, but still has a lot of great articles with information for pumping. It also has a few handy checklists for new breastfeeding moms, effective pumping and back-to-work. The site also has product reviews on different pumps as well as a useful resource section.

Swaddles and Bottles

This site covers pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn tips in addition to pumping information. I have linked directly to the pumping section. It includes information on what to have in your pumping bag, how to increase milk supply, fixing a clogged duct and lots of other tips and tricks for pumping and breastfeeding.

Support For Feeding Your Baby

Whatever your feeding journey looks like, I hope you find something here that makes it a little bit easier. Motherhood can be very lonely, and we don’t always have the same support system from our families like our parents had. Hopefully these sites can help just a tad in filling that void.

I recommend searching for mom Facebook groups and looking for baby groups in your area where you can connect with other moms and find support there too.

However you’re feeding your baby, you are doing a great job! Don’t let anyone else tell you differently! Unless it’s the doctor, maybe listen to them. Unless they’re just being judgy. Then ignore them. 🙂

Happy feeding mamas!

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P.S. If you know of any other good sites, add them in the comments!


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