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6 Ways to an Easy Shower When You Have A Baby

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There are a lot of things that are hard to prepare for when having a baby. The logisitics of showering when you have said baby is something I’ve found to be a tad easier. Finally, something easy. Freakin’ yeah!

I’m not a fan of bathing most days (if I could get clean with the wave of a wand, I’d be in to that so fast). I wasn’t worried about not being able to jump in ye old shower every day. However, I do see the necessity of getting clean and showering is the quickest way (that I know of) so I had to get creative in order to keep Miss E entertained while doing so.

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1. Shower When Baby is Sleeping

Duh, right? Sometimes this is easier said then done though. Especially when everyone is telling you to do #allthethings when baby is sleeing.

Don’t be afraid to leave your baby. As long as he/she is in a safe spot, your babe will be…drumroll…safe! This was super easy when E was younger and slept all the time. I would put her in a bassinet where I could see her from the shower and hop in. Once she was in her crib, I just took the moniter into the bathroom with me.

Tubby Todd

I usually shower when E is napping, but you can do it before your baby gets up or at night when babe goes to bed. I don’t like the first option because of the whole getting up early thing. Although, if you are a working momma, this is probably one of your best options. And it IS, super nice to feel all fresh for the start of the day. So, if this is your thing, I definitely recomend it. You probably don’t even need to keep reading. But you should. If you want. Just do it. 🙂

For naps, in order to maximise your time, I definitely recommend showering as soon as the baby is down. I’ve gotten distracted cleaning the house or on my phone and before I knew it, E was up and I had lost my window. Or she would wake up in the middle of the shower and start crying. The worst. So get in there. Unless it’s just a shower free day, then get some relaxing in when babe is napping (hah! What is this word..relax??).


2. Shower When Someone Can Watch Baby

Ideally this is your partner, since he/she should definitely (in my opinion) be doing his/her share of caring for the kid. But don’t be afraid to ask someone else to do it. For example, my aunt stopped by to see little E, and I asked her if she minded me hopping in the shower real quick. Low and behold, she did not mind in the slightest.

My first instinct was to not burden her or that I was being too forward asking her to watch my kid when she came over for a visit. It was neither of those things, however, and I got to enjoy a stress free shower.

This is for sure the best option, because you don’t have to worry about your baby crying and making you go all speed-shower. Cuz even though I don’t particularly like having to shower, I don’t mind showering once I’m in there. And I most definitely don’t like being forced to go at a fast pace if I’m not feeling it! So don’t be afraid to ask for help! Unless you’re worried the baby isn’t in good hands. Then don’t ask. 🙂

baby in colorful mamaroo with hair bow

3. Shower Easier With Baby in a Bouncy Chair or Swing

I highly recommned having one or both of these even if you only use it when you shower! I used them all the time as a safe place to put baby when I was otherwise occupied. I always had eyes on E when she was in her chair or swing.

The younger your child is the more likely he/she is still fairly immobile and more easily entertained in one spot. If Evie’s nap didn’t line up with when I wanted to shower, I would plop her in her bouncy chair with some dangly toys. This would usually keep her entertained for a while. I could also play games with her or talk to her from the shower. So, if she got fussy or bored, I could at least communicate with her.

A swing would also work great as the movement can keep baby calm. I don’t have a plug in my bathroom or hallway, so this didn’t work for me, and I stuck to the bouncy chair. This would have been handy, though, since she was happy in her swing for a good chunk of time.

smiling baby in baby einstein jumperoo

4. Put Baby in Jumperoo or Exersaucer to Make Showering Easier

As Evie got older and the bouncy chair didn’t allow her enough movement, I found that my Baby Einstein Jumper worked great for keeping her entertained longer. She could jump (she LOVED this), spin and had a bunch of toys to play with. You can even customize it with dangly toys by attaching them with teether rings.

5. To Shower Easier, Put Baby in Jolly Jumper

Most bathroom doors have the trim around them that Jolly Jumpers require, so it makes it easy to set this up. If you have a baby who loves to jump like E does, then this is a good option. This allows for a much larger jumping range then the Jumperoo. Your baby won’t outgrow the Jolly Jumper as fast either. You can even buy Jolly Jumpers that have a musical play mat for babe to jump on. If you already have the Jolly Jumper, you can just buy the musical mat.

6. Put Baby in a Play Pen While Showering

If you don’t already have a play pen (or play yard or pack and play or nursery centre), I definitely recommend getting one. I have one from Baby Trend that works great, and my parents have a Cosco brand that is awesome. They’re perfect for baby prisons, naps or as a travel bed.

If your baby thoroughly loves toys and/or needs a lot of toys to stay entertained, then this is a good option. Once E started getting more active and actually interacted with her toys, I could put her in a playpen in front of the bathroom door while I showered. If you can get it right by the shower, that’s even better. E would sometimes get upset, and I think it was because I was too far away for her liking. But who knows. When I asked, all she had to say was “mom, mom, mom.” 🙂

Showering 101 When You Have a Baby

Hopefully this has been some help for you and given you a few more ideas of how to have a relaxing (-ish) shower when you have a baby.

If you have more ideas that my mom-brain cannot produce right now, let me know in the comments! I always love hearing what other moms are doing. 🙂

Until next time, shower in peace!

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